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Let's get to know our artist

No vaccine to prevent it, no one is immune to it, and there is no cure for it - Autism. 

According to Mayo Clinic, Autism spectrum disorder is a condition that impacts how a person perceives and socializes with others, causing problems in social interaction and behavior that can lead to problems in school and with successful learning, employment problems, inability to live independently, social isolation, stress within the family, victimization and being bullied. Autism is a part of our lives ♥

Ari's Bio

Ariana is an Austinite artist whose life has been impacted by Autism. Ariana's diagnosis came with a profound impact at age 5. Since then, Ariana has developed her love for drawing one crayon at a time ♥. Ariana is a brave girl that has overcome a lot of obstacles imposed by Autism. Now that she has completed all her high school work, she desires to work as an art school teacher and is also committed to her artwork; a career which she loves with an equal passion ♥. Since Ariana completed high school, she has been busy with other programs offered by our school district, assisted by loving teachers, there, she is learning many skills needed for life. Ariana is actively participating in work internships at various local businesses. 

Very recently, Ariana has challenged herself to enter into a new level of art, painting, this new skill has opened a door to a realm of art she had not explored before. As Ariana grows, it is our expectation that she will continue to overcome obstacles and grow into a recognized Artist, and an independent individual with abilities that will provide a constant source of income for a greater opportunity of independent living.